Fantasy Games are Live! Play Athletes Unlimited Softball Now

By Preston Bradsher

Athletes Unlimited Softball is in full swing as the country’s newest league enters its third week of play this weekend. With a unique structure that creates new teams every week based on top athlete performances, this league has been a thrill to watch so far. Now, She Plays has another way for you to get into the action with three new fantasy games for Athletes Unlimited’s inaugural season. Though fans can’t be there in person just yet, She Plays has everything you need to become a part of the game from home.

Here’s a quick rundown of each of our new Athletes Unlimited Softball fantasy games. Get your picks in now so you can start racking up points when the players hit the field on Saturday!

Game #1: Classic Pick ‘Em

One of our favorites and a tried and true fantasy staple, this simple fantasy game is a great place for even a total beginner to jump in. To play, simply log in to your She Plays account and choose the teams you think will come out on top for each game. This one is particularly fun for Athletes Unlimited because the ever-shifting teams mean the odds change every week as new, exciting matchups emerge. Keep an eye on your favorite players and see how they affect each new team they join, and watch your Pick ‘Em points go through the roof!

Game #2: The Hit Zone

This brand-new game is a chance for the star hitters to shine. Every week you’ll choose three players to make up your fantasy batting squad. Those players will score you points for every hit they make, with bigger plays earning the most points. You can also designate one of your three players as your captain, and she will score you double points for every play. This is a chance for fantasy players to focus on the best hitters in the league, so try to predict who will be hot every week and get them on your team fast!

Game #3: Six Pack

As always, She Plays has a classic roster game ready for you to test your fantasy skills. In this edition, you’ll choose six players to fill your dugout every week, including at least one pitcher. Your chosen players will earn you points for every play they make; a full scoring breakdown can be found here. You’ll also choose a captain who will earn you double points for every play, so choose wisely. This game is perfect for the Athletes Unlimited format because it aligns with how the players score individual points in the league. Watch your favorite players rack up fantasy points as they earn real-life points and see if you can get this week’s MVP on your squad!

That’s it! You’re all set to play along with Athletes Unlimited Softball!

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