Pro Tips: Athletes Unlimited Softball Hitting its Stride

By Preston Bradsher

As we head into week four of Athletes Unlimited Softball’s inaugural season, the unconventional league seems to be finding a rhythm as players and fans get used to the new system. Athletes Unlimited is challenging the traditional league structure but getting rid of set teams and focusing on individual player stats in order to crown a single league champion. This short softball season is the first test of this new system, and the players seem to be adjusting well as they enter their fourth week of play.

The weekly drafts have been a particularly interesting feature of the league, with team captains trying different strategies to earn the most points in each week of play. This week’s draft saw some patterns emerging as players who have regularly earned the captain spots decided to stick with what’s been working best. At this point, we’re seeing repeat captains fine-tuning their lineups rather than overhauling them every week. It will be interesting to see if next week’s draft keeps to this pattern or if we see some bigger shake-ups towards the end of the season.

She Plays has been running three fantasy games to go along with the Athletes Unlimited Softball experience. As fans have learned the ropes of this new league, we’ve also seen the fantasy players improve with every week of play. Now that we’re nearing the end of the season, we should see the fantasy action heating up as well. She Plays has some pro tips to help you make your choices for the rest of the season and try to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Athletes Unlimited Softball Week 4 Schedule

  • Warren vs Reed – 9/19 at 1 pm ET (ESPN3)
  • Hayward vs Osterman – 9/19 at 3:30 pm ET (ESPN3)
  • Hayward vs Reed – 9/20 at 1 pm ET (ESPN2)
  • Osterman vs Warren – 9/20 at 4 pm ET (ESPN2)
  • Warren vs Hayward – 9/21 at 4 pm ET (ESPN3)
  • Reed vs Osterman – 9/21 at 8 pm ET (CBS Sports)

Six Pack

Athletes Unlimited is all about individual players scoring points, so it’s the perfect setup for a fantasy player to keep an eye out for the best talent to add to your Six Pack roster. To play, just choose six players to join your fantasy dugout including a pitcher and a captain who will score you double points. Pay close attention during the broadcasts, watch who gets drafted early every week, and even check out AU Softball’s stats page to help you make the smartest picks. 

Victoria Hayward is an excellent pick for your Six Pack lineup, and could be a solid captain as well. She sits near the top of the board in multiple stats categories, including batting (.433), total bases (29), and runs batted in (8). She is also 5-for-5 on stolen base attempts and has started all nine of the games she’s played, making her a great addition to any lineup.

For your pitcher, you have to take a look at Cat Osterman, who has been a dominating force all season. Her point-earning potential is proven by the fact that she’s been a team captain four out of the five weeks of play, and her teams have consistently come out on top. She seems to have figured out an effective draft strategy for this new format, and her 58 strikeouts in 41 innings pitched put her comfortably at the top of the league. She’s an experienced player who’s likely to score big points both in Athlete’s Unlimited and She Plays games, so don’t overlook her this week.

Hit Zone

When in doubt about who to add to your Six Pack lineup, go to the hitters. A player with great batting stats has a good chance of scoring you lots of fantasy points, so it’s always wise to keep your eye on the real sluggers in the league. Great batters are so important to your fantasy success, She Plays made a whole new game about them! 

To play Hit Zone, choose three players each week to score you points for every single, double, triple, and home run they hit. You can also choose a captain to earn you double points. If you look at the stats for Athletes Unlimited Softball, it’s clear that there is plenty of skill at the plate. Your job is to sift through and find the players who have the most potential in any given week, so make sure to pay close attention to the matchups each time you pick.

One player who would make a great addition to your Hit Zone team is Hannah Flippen. With 12 hits and a league-leading 4 home runs and 13 RBIs, she has huge potential to make some big plays. Another solid choice would be Megan Wiggins, who has been a true all-star hitter this season. With 14 hits, 4 home runs, and 10 RBIs, she is a league leader who is well worth a look for your Hit Zone squad.

It’s been a season full of firsts as this brand-new league gets things moving, and the first-ever Athletes Unlimited Championship is going to be an exciting race. Make sure to stay in the game with She Plays fantasy games and follow all the action live so you can win big!

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