Introducing Your Guide to NWHL Fantasy Games: Spencer Fascetta

By Spencer Fascetta

Who’s ready to do that hockey? The NWHL season starts Saturday, January 23rd, and with that comes She Plays’ first foray into fantasy hockey! So let’s get this thing started, shall we?

I’ll be your fantasy guide throughout the next few weeks, giving you tips and analysis to help you make your picks. What should you expect from me? I have a background in statistics, so plenty of numbers. I am the Head of Women’s Hockey Coverage over at PrideDiehards and spent the last two seasons with the women’s hockey team at the University of New Hampshire handling analytics, statistics, and team video. However, fantasy writing is a new venture for me, so I guess I’m taking you all along the ride with me. 

In order to help both you, the user, and myself in this venture, I’ve decided to open up one of my Tableau Visualizations to the public to help you build your lineups. It’s a tool that helps you visualize and compare different player statistics, which will be a valuable asset as you build your fantasy lineup. You can find that here, as well as embedded at the bottom of this page. However, there are quite a number of terms that may be unfamiliar to most users, so I’ve taken the liberty of attempting to explain them below.

Stats terms to help you up your fantasy game

Corsi: A measurement of all shot attempts by a team or specific player, typically at even strength

Fenwick: Corsi, but excluding blocked shots

Safety Quotient: Takeaways minus Giveaways

e60: Used as a qualifier to determine how efficient a player is in their time on ice, it normalizes a lot of differences from traditional box score statistics. The “e” refers to “estimated” because we do not yet have exact time on ice numbers for the NWHL. By stating “per e60”, I’m referring to that statistic per estimated hour of ice time. 

Penalty Impact: Penalties Drawn minus Penalties Taken

GF%: Goals For Percentage – Goals scored by the team while said player is on the ice as a percentage of total goals scored by both teams while said player is on the ice.

Goals Created: Scales the production of goals and assists relative to the team’s totals

Primary Points: The sum of primary assists and goals scored by a player. Secondary assists can sometimes be statistical “noise” and therefore much less reliable to predict future performance

Game Score: A metric that compares goals, shots, assists, faceoffs, penalty differentials relative to the frequency of goals scored across the league. This is meant to compare overall impact.

How does this impact you as a reader? Well, it’s all meant to inform. After all, fantasy sports are meant to be fun! She Plays will have two different game styles for you to try out this season. Both are daily options; one is a pick’em style game, and the other is a more traditional lineup style. 

For the Pick’em:

For each round of games, fantasy players will be provided with the schedule of matchups and asked to make picks. They will have to predict the team they believe will have the most shot attempts, the most shots on goal, and the most shots against throughout each day. You’ll see some team-level analysis from me for this game style.

For Your Lineup:

Users will select a new lineup of 10 players for each round of games. There is a minimum of one goaltender, two defenders, and two forwards for each team, and five wild card spots that can be of any position. One of the five wild card slots will be designated as your team captain for the day, and that player will score twice the number of points for your team. Players must come from a minimum of four different teams.



Goal Scored+ 3
Assist+ 2
Shot on Goal+ 0.5
Blocked Shot+ 0.5
Shorthanded Point Bonus (either goal or assist)+ 1
Shootout Goal+ 0.2
Hat Trick Bonus+ 1.5
Faceoff Win+ 0.2
Penalty Minutes– 0.25


Win+ 3
Save+ 0.2
Goal Against– 1
Shutout Bonus+ 2

You can look forward to a piece explaining how to set your ideal lineup later this week. I look forward to following along with you on this journey!

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  1. Is there a certain web browser you’re supposed to use for the ‘tableau’ chart at the bottom?

    It locks up when I click on any of the other ‘tabs’ for example Game Score.

    I am on a Chromium-based browser

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